We partner with organizations
and create media to bring awareness and
help them tell their story.


Founded in 2009, three friends decided to take our skills in video and photography  and create a non-profit to focus solely on showing the LIGHT that is shining into the world.


We travel light and our style of work is unimposing allowing us  the privilege to work all over the world, even in remote places,  capturing the idea that geography should not dictate basic human rights.


While working with a group in Northern Uganda, the camera was turned on our founder Tyler and the questions of what we do and why we do it were posed to him. We are Halle, a group artists telling stories and creating media for non-profits, ministries, and showing the light that God is shining in the world. Come learn a little about us, but more importantly come see, experience and connect with incredible organizations that are working all over the world, and in your backyard. 

or connect with us at:

Halle Project
1026 chorro st. ste. 240
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401